Pokémon are on the
loose in High Park

Keep your eyes open - Many real Pokémon are hiding in the park for you to find!
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What is #highparkpokemon

Just a free scavenger hunt located around Toronto's High Park zoo in order to entice local Pokémon fans. Pokémon is on everyone's mind right now, and regardless of if they're playing Pokémon GO or not it would most certainly make 'em smile to find an actual Pokémon (at the very least give the kids something to find while their parents are on their phones playing Pokémon GO). Small figures will be hidden by me in High Park during the day in safe, easy-to-reach places. If you find one let us know by posting your catch on Twitter using the hashtag #HighParkPokemon as well as #HighPark and #HighParkZoo.

What's the catch

No catch! I just wanted to encourage Pokémon fans to revisit High Park (and its zoo) more often. The zoo has struggled in the past to keep itself active via public donations and if I can raise a little more interest towards it then that would be amazing. I am not affiliated with the High Park zoo nor any other business - just a nostalgic local who hopes to keep the zoo, and the REAL Pokémon within, going strong for years (I hear that a Capybara has a higher max CP than Dragonite).

Latest hidden Pokémon info

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